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If you’re a parent that has struggled with you or your child having head lice and you’re sick of spending all that unnecessary time and money on chemist products that just don’t work, then you have clicked on the right website. We cater to care , comfort and most of all convenience for the whole family, even Grandpa!

No More Nitz is the only Head Lice Removal Specialist in Sydney Australia, that can Guarantee 100% Head Lice Removal in One treatment. I know you’ve visited the chemist many times already, with no results but continual re-infestations of Head Lice. Visit us ONCE, and experience the quality service that we provide and you will leave our salon happy, comfortable and...

Head Lice Prevention

Getting sick of itching your scalp in public? It is time to end the embarrassment caused by having head lice. Now thanks to No more Nitz, you can find easy and cheap ways to prevent head lice or get rid of it completely in a short time.

Head Lice Solutions

Removing Head lice is not anymore a troublesome job. There are plenty of cheap solutions available at your doorstep that can help you get rid of the lice n nits in no time. Find a solution today and Say goodbye to itching forever!

Nitz Prevention

Lices and nitz are big troublemakers. Even if you dispose of the lice by combing and shampooing, nits are harder to eliminate. As they are so tiny in size, it makes them hard to detect by naked eye. In many lice removal techniques the nits remain as it is; due to which they grow into lice and the dilemma starts again. Now you can use solutions that we provide to clean up the nits as well as lice effectively.

No More Nitz

We provide all sorts of expert treatments and solutions you require to get your healthy and itch-free scalp back. Just visit our outlet, get treated and soon you can openly flaunt your hair again without the fear of people noticing lice or seeing you scratching your head.

Lice control

As soon as you find out you are under attack by lice, don’t delay and seek professional help right away. We at No More Nitz provide treatments that are safe and comfortable. We can guide you on how to control lice if it happens to hit back again. You can select from our range of effective products for use at home too.

Guarantee Nitz Control

The service at No More Nitz is 100% reliable and we can say that with confidence as we are bearers of the trust of numerous happy customers. We guarantee that after our treatment the lice and nits will be absolutely vanished. If our work doesn’t satisfy you, we offer complete money back.

Children Head Nitz

Kids are more vulnerable to having head lice and nits. The chances of them getting affected are more in summers. As soon as you find out that your child has head lice, bring them over to us for treatment. We are lice removal specialists and deal in lice and nits removal as well as prevention.

Child Head Lice Control

When children get under the attack of head lice, the parents have to suffer the complaints constantly. It becomes hectic for them to find a cure for the lice and end up frustrated. If you are a struggling parent too, just bring your kids to No more nitz and get them treated. Yes, it is as easy as that. Don’t worry anymore about damaging their delicate scalp and leave the job to our professionals.