About Us

No More Nitz was created by Turikatuku [Jennifer] and Kapene [Dean] Alexander to help families deal with ever growing problem of head lice infestations that fester within our communities and schools.

If you’re a parent that has struggled with head lice and you’re sick of spending all that unnecessary time and money on chemist products that just don’t work, then you have come to the right place. We cater to YOU and all your family members from babies to grandparents

No More Nitz are the only Guaranteed Head Lice Removal Specialist in Sydney Australia. They are leaders in their field and they Guarantee 100% Head Lice Removal in One treatment. They have a quality service that is like no other.



*Because they do what they say, Everyday!

*Their Service is Guaranteed

*All done in 1 treatment, 2 hours, 1 sitting

*Head Lice is all they do!

*They are the only specialist in their field

Head Lice Solutions

No More Nitz now has their very own Exclusive Range of Anti-Lice Head Lice Treatment Products. *Anti-Lice Head Lice Treatment for all family members * Anti-Lice Treatment for Pregnant Women * Anti-Lice Treatment for Babies.

Head Lice Prevention

No More Nitz now has their very own Exclusive Range of Head Lice Prevention Products. *Leave In Prevention for Everyday *Upholstery Spray for furniture *Everyday Shampoo Prevention *Everyday Conditioner Prevention *Everyday Nit Gel Prevention

No More Nitz

They provide only one expert service, ALL HEAD LICE AND EGGS GONE IN ONE TREATMENT. Just visit their salon No More Nitz, get treated and soon you can openly flaunt your hair again without the fear of people noticing lice or seeing you scratching your head.

Lice control

Lice removal is not easy and we understand that. This is why No More Nitz was created, to assist families in desperate need, that are suffering with excessive and extreme head lice. It must be noted, a child that is dealing with excessive head lice can be psychologically affected, tired, drained and not able to concentrate at school. Don’t delay, give us a call right away as we can fix your problem today.

Guaranteed Nitz Control

The service at No More Nitz is 100% reliable and we can say that with confidence. We have been operating successfully, efficiently and effectively since 1999 and only we can guarantee that after one treatment your head lice and nits will be gone.