Here at NO MORE NITZ we have been answering questions about getting rid of head lice for years.

Here at NO MORE NITZ we get rid of head lice and their eggs, then it’s your job to prevent it from coming back.

Human parasites Pediculosis capitis

Infestation with lice (pediculus humanus) resulting in severe itching


Egg or young of an insect parasitic on humans especially a sucking louse; often attached to a hair or item of clothing


An egg that has not hatched

There are no dead nits, they have either hatched or what is left is just a shell

Yes for up to 48 hours

Lice may live for several weeks (up to 40 days) on the head


Yes for up to 48 hours

Up to 6 to 8 eggs a day

Up to 240 eggs

Anyone and everyone can get head lice

Yes they can. Cases seen here at No More Nitz clearly indicate that head lice have the potential to live within an open wound in the head. Cases have presented whereby the lice are clearly living on the immediate blood source

This is a dangerous scenario which has the potential to put a client in hospital


Yes, there are several. An itchy, scratchy head is the most common sign of a head lice infestation

They will start to scratch and complain

Your child’s hair came into contact with another person’s strand of hair, creating somewhat of a bridge for lice. Contrary to what many believe, lice walk; they don’t jump. All they have to do is walk down a strand of hair and then when another strand comes along, they grab that one and they keep on walking.

No. Head Lice do not discriminate. Anyone can get it.

From person to person

NO MORE NITZ is different, firstly because of the product that we use is exclusive to the company and secondly because of the strict processes and procedures put in place to ensure that the head lice treatment is effective, efficient, conducted in a timely manner and quality controlled, every time.


The treatment process at NO MORE NITZ works in such a way that kills the live lice and dissolves the glue that attaches the eggs to the hair shaft.

  • 1st Step: Firstly we apply the natural product and leave for an allocated period of time depending on the infestation level.
  • 2nd Step: We then comb out the head lice and their eggs
  • 3rd Step: We then wash the hair with anti-lice shampoo and conditioner
  • 4th Step: Undertake another comb out to spot any problem areas or excess lice.
  • 5th Step: Partially blow dry the scalp area and hair.
  • 6th Step: Quality Control – Client is then screened under the magnifying lamp by a Treatment Consultant.

NO MORE NITZ is a one off treatment that helps families break the lice cycle.



No, too far from the head





Human blood from the head

Yes, we Guarantee that we get rid of all the head lice and their eggs.
What we can’t Guarantee is that you won’t be re-infected by other children; from your own living environment; or from other family members who haven’t been treated.



Nits are actually clusters of tiny brown/grayish/white sacs that contain eggs. Nits generally cluster close to the skin but they can also appear on individual hair strands. If you try to remove the nits, you probably will pull hairs out because they are firmly attached with a glue substance.

Not unless you or your child tells them.
We do suggest that you inform the school of the recent infestation, however make it clear that your child has been professionally cleaned by No More Nitz, by simply presenting a ‘FREE Clearance Certificate.

Head lice are very active and they will move from head to head very quickly. The moment they make contact with a new head, each female will lay 6 to 8 eggs every day. These eggs hatch approx 7 days after, and the newly hatched lice will themselves begin to lay eggs by the time they are just 18 days old! By the time you notice the first head louse you already have hundreds of eggs in your hair.

No. The hair must be treated manually. All lice and nits must be removed

Head Lice do not discriminate.
Head Lice is transferred by communal living e.g. primary school, church groups, children sitting closely together, shoulder to shoulder contact.
Head lice are very hearty and have been around since pre-historic times. Most children will eventually come into contact with head lice and it has nothing to do with personal hygiene

Any hair type



Yes is it likely you will find lice on the mattress; couch and the car upholstery. Options for cleaning are use a vacuum for these surfaces and spray with a lice prevention spray from No More Nitz

This needs to be done immediately after a treatment at No More Nitz. It is also best that you keep the children away from these areas until they have been vacuumed and sprayed.

Yes, definitely best to clean, vacuum and spray all common areas, upholstery and mattresses in the house.

Yes, all the linen needs to be washed in hot water. Then vacuum the spray the mattress. With regards to the pillow it is best to replace it or put it in the dryer for 10 minutes on hot. If the infestation level is over Level 3, we highly suggest that the pillow be replaced.

No. Humans have nits and Animals have fleas. Lice is our pest, whereby fleas are an animals pest.

Keep your child’s hair up. Spray Prevention everyday prior to going to school – over the top of the hair, back of neck and on the shoulders.
You can’t isolate your child from school, so you need to be diligent in search for signs of head lice on a daily basis. If found, remove them promptly before they’re able to lay their eggs.

If you see small, bud-like attachments on strands of hair but not the scalp, you’re looking at head lice eggs. The attachments can be white, cream or grey in color. The body heat that escapes via the head creates a warm environment which head lice prefer. In warmer, more humid climates however, eggs generally are laid a bit further away from a child’s scalp. Eggs that are far away from the scalp usually are dead, old, empty or cold.

Live eggs, dead eggs and empty eggs vary slightly in appearance but to the naked eye, such differences are not readily noticeable

You can however, distinguish the eggs of head lice from other types of debris you find on the head. Most notably, dandruff, cradle cap, and dandruff will all slide along shafts of hair whereas eggs will not budge from their position.

No More Nitz has a specialist head lice removal comb which can be purchased