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We provide services for child head lice control. The experts at No More Nitz can either visit your child’s school or you can come to us. We know that it is a problem that affects children more than adults. Children usually under the age of twelve years, in pre-school or junior school are affected more. Often adults living with children having nitz also encounter the same problem. These issues are particularly common among female kids having long hair. They spread when hair comes in contact with the infested one.

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We understand that head lice not only make you uncomfortable but also adversely affect your child’s performance at school. The reason is that your kid will become concerned with scratching their head and will be unable to concentrate on school work. We know that having nits is a rather unavoidable and unpleasant experience that is not limited to children. We at No More Nitz are committed to giving you back your itch free head.

We Not Only Focus On Removal but Prevention

No More Nitz understands that head lice solution should not only focus on removal but prevention as well. We know the amount of discomfort that it causes to people; it is very difficult for parents to watch their kids scratching their heads rigorously while asleep. Infestation, if left uncurbed, can lead to extended sessions of removal.

Are You Allergic To Head Lice? We Can Help You with Lice Control in Sydney

Here, it is important to add that some adults are actually allergic to head lice and for this reason, they are unable to help their kids get rid of an infestation. Our experts can help you in such situations and guide you how to prevent yourself in the future.  We provide some of the best lice solutions to our clients. Very few vendors focus on Lice control in Sydney. Many vendors provide additional services as well, such as hair cutting and other grooming services. We at No More Nitz can proudly say that we are focused on Lice control.

We Offer Solutions for Head Lice Control and Prevention to All

No More Nitz offers some of the best shampoos and prevention treatment(s). These treatments not only help in getting rid of lice but also prevent a reinfestation. Our products are suitable for kids and adults alike. We know that pregnant women can sometimes get nits. Its removal and prevention become difficult due to mood swings, morning sickness and other feelings and conditions associated with pregnancy. Furthermore, not all the solutions are suitable for such women. You will be delighted to know that we have a specialised system that provides solutions for head lice prevention and control for pregnant women.

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