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We are the one stop solution for head lice control and aid in preventing the children and adults from increased nitz. No More Nitz understands how annoying nit and head lice can be, and how hard they are to get rid of. We are committed to clear the children head nitz while giving them a clean, itch-free scalp. Our team can completely clean their hair in a single two-hour session, but of course, all this depends on the level of infestation. An extensive training has been provided to our professionals so to handle the different levels of infestations.

We Are the Experts in Controlling Children Head Nitz

No More Nitz has spent years in devising the correct plan for removing and preventing the children head nitz. We have access to shampoos and other treatment lotions that not only removes but prevents further infestation. Our collection consists of products including shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels that you can wash off as well as leave in the hair. The purpose of our products is to let them act as a protectant for the hair to avoid further infestation. Once your child’s hair is clear of any nitz, you can carry on using the product. For effective results, what we want is your complete commitment to the treatment.

Nitz Can Choose Anyone as Their Host, But Children Are Their Favourite

Head lice can find their way into your hair at any age; they are not necessarily limited to children. We have products that are suitable for people of all ages and life stages. We have mild concoctions for children as well as pregnant women.

We Make Nit Free Schools

Besides controlling head nitz by providing different treatments, we also make frequent visits to schools. The reason is that we believe that school children are most likely to be the source and host of head lice and nits. The children under the age of twelve years are the most prone to head lice. The thing about nits and head lice is that they spread via contact with infested hair. Head lice do not jump from head to head. You just need to come in contact with fabrics or hair that is infested. For this reason, we have products that you can spray on upholstery as well. Head lice can hide in the upholstery for days until they come in contact with a human host. Our products act as repellants; they do not allow lice to inhabit your carpets, curtains and couches.

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If you are tired and trying to rid your children head nitz, you should contact us now to book a session. Call (02) 9893 8441. For more information, drop us an email at admin@nomorenitz.com.au.