Head Lice Solutions

No More Nitz now has their very own Exclusive Range of Anti-Lice Head Lice Treatment Products. *Anti-Lice Head Lice Treatment for all family members * Anti-Lice Treatment for all family members * Anti-Lice Treatment for Pregnant Women * Anti-Lice Treatment for Babies.

Head Lice Prevention

No More Nitz now has their very own Exclusive Range of Head Lice Prevention Products. *Leave In Prevention for Everyday *Upholstery Spray for furniture *Everyday Shampoo Prevention *Everyday Conditioner Prevention *Everyday Nit Gel Prevention.

No More Nitz

We provide all sorts of expert treatments and solutions you require to get your healthy and itch-free scalp back. Just visit our outlet, get treated and soon you can openly flaunt your hair again without the fear of people noticing lice or seeing you scratching your head.

Lice control

As soon as you find out you are under attack by lice, don’t delay, give us a call right away. Here at No More Nitz we can treat you immediately with our organic range of products ‘one treatment, all lice and eggs gone’. Our salon is unique, spotless, kid friendly, safe and comfortable. We can advise you on how to prevent head lice from coming back again.

Guarantee Nitz Control

The service at No More Nitz is 100% reliable and we can say that with confidence as we are bearers of the trust of numerous happy customers. We have been operating successfully since 2009 and we guarantee that after our treatment the lice and nits will be absolutely gone. If our work doesn’t satisfy you, we offer complete money back.

Children Head Nitz

Kids are more vulnerable to having head lice and nits. The chances of them getting affected are more likely at school. As soon as you find out that your child has head lice, bring them in for a treatment to prevent the rest of the family also getting head lice.

Child Head Lice Control

Once you have been treated at No More Nitz the work doesn’t stop here. You must clean your home environment and inform the school that your child has been treated and has been cleared of head lice. You can support this with a Clearance Certificate for the teacher. You need to change the linen and spray all surfaces with Upholstery Spray to ensure that head lice on surfaces is dead. You need to buy new brushes and hair ties for your child. Pillows can be replaced or put in a hot dryer to kill any lice and their eggs.

Founders of No More Nitz

No More Nitz was created by Turikatuku III and Kapene Alexander in 2009. They are the primary creators of the complete unique brand and exclusive range of No More Nitz Anti Lice Treatments and Prevention Products. Turikatuku III leads the way in Business Management and Development and Kapene Alexander heads up the Manufacturing Division and Product Development arm of the business.

They have also created a No More Nitz Charity to help indigenous families in hardship deal with Head Lice, offering FREE Head Lice Treatments for families with severe cases of head lice. The Charity was formed under the TTWMA 1993 Section 218 for the Promotion of Health and Community Purposes. Applicants eligibility essential.

No More Nitz is also a supporter of Small Business Opportunities for Stay at Home Mums who are seeking to create a small business working from home.